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Perfect Dimensions

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We've spent quite some time to find the perfect dimensions for the guides.

Imagine that you are flipping through the colourful plastic cards in your wallet while queuing up at a crowded and noisy supermarket. Wouldn't it be excellent if that tiny amount of flipping was sufficient to prepare you for the examinations?

A width of just 8.4 centimetres, our guides are designed to fit gently into one's palm. Its 15-centimetre height makes it even easier to handle with only one hand. Now that your other hand is free, stretch across the table. Pick up your calculator. You will find that each guidebook has the size of an average scientific calculator, but of course it's much thinner. The guidebooks are printed on high quality art card, in order to ensure that it is sufficiently durable. Cautiously stuffed with the essentials, it unfolds just like an accordion. Of course, it is light enough for students to carry around.

These features make our pocket guides uniquely ergonomic.

And yes, you can stop flipping through the colourful plastic cards in your wallet now.