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Are you prepared for the upcoming mathematics examinations? The Mathematics Handy Guide series is designed as a pocket-sized companion for the time conscious student. Over the past two years, we have been conceptualising a truly portable guidebook for mathematics. One of the main criteria was to ensure that students can take it anywhere without hassle.

Writing the guides entailed careful design and thought. This ensures that our readers are enjoying quality text that maximises their precious time. Key ideas are presented in a student-friendly manner, while non-essential details have been deliberately left out. Therefore, you do not have to worry about studying the wrong things.

Do you find yourself flipping through thick textbooks and stack of notes the day before tests and examinations? And worse still, you cannot finish going through everything on your desk? In fact, these compact pocket reference books were specially crafted to facilitate quick revision. For this reason, you will certainly find this book handy if you are susceptible to last-minute revision.

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